Islamophobia is Racism: Resource for Teaching & Learning about anti-Muslim Racism in the United States

Description: By focusing on understanding Islamophobia as anti-Muslim racism, this syllabus challenges the idea that the problem is one of individual bias and that simply knowing more about Islam will necessarily lead to a decrease in anti-Muslim racism. Instead, it suggests that learning more about how structures of violence, inequality, and war have produced anti-Muslim racism and discrimination and its wide-ranging impact on everyday life is essential in order to challenge its assumptions, logics, and practices. While the readings include pieces that address recent events like the 2017 “Muslim ban” executive order, they also show that similar policies extend to both earlier moments and other communities.

Public Schools & Religious Communities

This pamphlet offers a guide to public schools in their interactions and collaboration with religious institutions and community organizations. These guidelines focus on arrangements between public schools and religious institutions because of the special constitutional implications of those relationships. This focus is not meant to suggest that schools should only seek out religious institutions or that such institutions are preferred providers of assistance to public-school children. We urge schools to seek out a wide range of community organizations, religious and non-religious, without regard to their views on religious issues.

Prince Among Slaves

Prince Among Slaves recounts the true story of an African Muslim prince who was captured and sold into slavery in the American South. After 40 years of enslavement, he finally regained his freedom, became a national celebrity, and dined in the White House. This is an incredible story about an incredible man who endured the humiliation of slavery without ever losing his dignity or his hope for freedom. Prince Among Slaves is based on the book by historian Terry Alford (1977) was conceived, designed, and executive produced by Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), and received substantial NEH planning and production funding in 2005 and 2006. The companion website is a rich resource for contextualizing the film and book in American history , as well as addressing contemporary issues of identity and migration.

My Fellow American (film, interactive website)

My Fellow American is a short film about the roles of American Muslims in civic and professional life. The companion website features video testimonials and stories by Americans who have interacted with American Muslims as colleagues, friends, and family members in the community at AND AND film at