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Unity Productions Foundation


On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly follows Monem Salam, a portfolio manager and the son of a Pakistani commercial pilot who dreams of learning to fly, and enrolls in a flight school, attracting the interest of the FBI in the process. His wife Iman’s family is Palestinian and although initially dubious about the marriage, now accepts the cultural differences. With three young children, Iman’s prankish student days are behind her. She’s happy to find time to cultivate her inner domestic diva, wisecracking about her entertaining skills and her husband’s flight plans. The lighthearted film explores the difficulties of his quest after 9/11 brings Muslims under suspicion. Good film for examining stereotypes.

Type of Resource

Video, discussion guide

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  • People Making Difference
  • American Muslims
  • Contemporary Muslim regions
  • Current events
  • Discussion guide
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  • Middle School
  • High School