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Unity Productions Foundation


Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet tells the story of a man who changed the world 1,400 years ago and now lives in the United States through the lives of the millions of Americans who regard him as God’s prophet. It travels in the footsteps of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad to the Arabian Desert and the holy city of Mecca where Muhammad’s story unfolded. But the film does not just stay in the past. Much of its story is told through the observations of contemporary American Muslims, including a fireman at the World Trade Center on September 11th, a second generation Arab-American family building a community based on Islamic principles, a Congressional Chief of Staff working for justice, and a refugee fleeing religious persecution, whose experiences in some way echo Muhammad’s life. Lesson plans can be found at two companion websites with different content: on the as a pdf AND at the PBS site titled after the film.

Type of Resource

Video, Interactive website, discussion guide

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  • American Muslims
  • Islam
  • Islamic history and civilization
  • World history
  • World religions
  • Teaching about religions
  • Interactive website
  • Discussion guide
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  • Middle School
  • High School