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This collection of teaching resources provides an in-depth look at selected areas in which European and Muslim civilizations interacted during the period from 600 CE to 1500 CE. The materials collected here make up a complete unit of study, but their scope is larger than that of a typical supplementary unit. The collection is organized to allow teachers the flexibility to utilize the supplementary texts in a variety of ways, grouping the materials into a comprehensive study of the topic, or utilizing individual segments or selected texts and/or activities from the collection at appropriate points during the world history course.

OVERVIEW OF CONTENT The collection of teaching resources is divided into four segments, each of which explores the historical development and expressions of a different aspect of Renaissance culture:

SEGMENT 1: Commerce and Travel

SEGMENT 2: Education and Scholarship

SEGMENT 3: Science and Technology

SEGMENT 4: The Visual Arts

The text, features and activities in the segments establish specific links to the Muslim world in each of these realms of development, as well as investigating and comparing the philosophical ideas, religious ideals, and values inherent in these cultural expressions in Christian and Islamic civilization, in addition to links with other world cultures. The unit is based on a core of texts that present the central ideas in each of the four segments, each divided into topical readings that can be used alone or in conjunction with the others. Introductory materials include a short reading on the definition of Renaissance and a skills lesson on footnotes. The skills lesson is provided because many of the readings, primary sources and document study activities are printed with footnotes, allowing the reader access to the sources used to prepare this unit.

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