Publishing Organization

Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University


Background Modules: An Introduction to Islam by Susan Douglass (2010); Tapestry of Travel by Karima Alavi (2009); Who Are the Arabs? by Steve Tamari (1999); The Arabic Language by Sabah Ghazzawi (1986); The Contributions of Arab Civilization to Mathematics and Science by Julie Peteet (1985); Cotton in the Global Economy by Kaylee Steck; The Incense Routes: Frankincense and Myrrh: As Good As Gold
by Joan Brodsky Schur; The Illustrator’s Notebook, Parts 1-3 by Mohieddin Ellabbad.

Type of Resource

Lesson plan, Bibliography, Teacher’s guide, Discussion guide

Topic Category
  • People Making Difference
  • Islam and Muslims
  • Islam
  • Contemporary Muslim regions
  • World history
  • World religions
  • Islamic history and civilization
Grade Level
  • High School