Emergence of Renaissance: Cultural Interactions between Europeans and Muslims

Download as a pdf at http://cie.org This collection of teaching resources provides an in-depth look at selected areas in which European and Muslim civilizations interacted during the period from 600 CE to 1500 CE. The materials collected here make up a complete unit of study, but their scope is larger than that of a typical supplementary…

World History For Us All online world history curriculum (with lessons on Islam and Muslim history in Eras 5-7)

World History For Us All Era 5 pf the World History For Us All online curriculum features Islamic history, especially in the Panorama lesson in brief form, in Landscape 5.2 Islam and Afroeurasia and 5.3 Consolidation of the Trans-Hemispheric Network, and later eras, such as Landscape 6.7 The Long Reach of the Major Religions include lessons as relevant to pre-modern and modern history.