“Calliope: Exploring World History” and “Dig into History” (new title) classroom magazine

Upper elementary and middle school history magazine called formerly (back issues still are): Calliope: Exploring World History, with issues on “Islam,” “Ibn Battuta,” “Al-Ma’mun,” “The World of the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent,” “The Crusades,” “The Qur’an,” and “Arabic Lights” on Arab cultural influences, and “A World of Faiths” (on all the major world religions). Other titles are also of interest. Calliope is now Dig Into History.

Appleseeds and Faces classroom magazines

Classroom magazines from Cobblestone Publishing Company (www.cobblestonepub.com) include numerous issues related to Muslim populations and geography around the world, Islam, Muslim history and world history. Appleseeds and Faces, including for the former “Islam Today,” and “Arab Americans,” and for the latter issues on Mali, Jordan, Morocco, and many other people and places.

Andalusian Poetry

Lesson plan and poetry selections from a famous collection of Andalusian lyric poetry is part of the complete set of lessons for comprehension and enrichment written to accompany the Unity Productions Foundation documentary film Cities of Light, in addition to interactive online features, articles, slide shows, timelines and maps is found at http://www.islamicspain.tv. The Lesson Plan Set is available for download in pdf format (individual lesson titles and the complete set on the site at http://www.islamicspain.tv/For-Teachers/LessonPlans.htm).