Harassment, Bullying and Free Expression: Guidelines for Free and Safe Public Schools

These guidelines are intended to help public schools balance the need for school safety with the need for free expression. The balance between the two is not static: It changes depending on the specific circumstances in each case, and is affected especially by the age of the students involved. These guidelines are based on current law. They do not provide guidance for every situation. But they should provide useful guidance for school officials seeking to create a safe and free learning environment.

Allah Made Me Funny

Allah Made Me Funny is a concert film that follows three acclaimed Muslim comedians on stage and off as they reveal the humorous truth of what it’s really like to be Muslim in America. Mo Amer, Azhar Usman, and Preacher Moss poke fun at themselves, their communities, government, human nature and the tricky predicament of living in post-9/11 America. Featuring music of rising indie scene artists, Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert is rollicking good fun and gives people of all cultural backgrounds an opportunity to laugh hard, drop their guard, and open their minds.

Islamophobia and Its Impact

The term Islamophobia is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “intense dislike or fear of Islam, especially as a political force; hostility or prejudice towards Muslims” and is today widely used to denote anti-Muslim attitudes and actions. This set of answers to frequently asked questions about Islamophobia examines the history and impact of this phenomenon. Slide show.

A History of Muslims in America

Muslims have been a part of U.S. history for centuries, but most Americans are unaware of this fact. Here we depict the substantial, documented presence of Muslims among enslaved Africans in the Americas, describe both the successive waves of immigration that have brought Muslims to our country from the 19th century on and the rediscovery of Islam among African Americans in the 20th century, and highlight notable American Muslims today.