Living the Faith

This lesson looks at the five major world religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—and how they are practiced in the United States in various venues: at home, at school and at work, and in the larger community. By the end of the lesson, it becomes obvious that while each religion has its own distinct traditions, the five faiths share many observances and practices.

Living Islam Values and Practices of the Faith lesson plan

Students evaluate comments made by individuals in the film. The quotes touch upon topics such as Expressions of Faith, Family and Communal Aspects of Muslim Life, Unity and Diversity Among Muslims, Muslims in Mainstream American Society, and Muslim Responses to Extremism in Religion. Students will be better able to distinguish between “Islamic” teachings and “Muslim” practices which may or may not conform to the faith’s widely-held principles and ideals. For use with: Video documentary FRONTLINE: MUSLIMS or standalone.

Islamic Networks Group: Questions & Answers on General Islam

These Questions and Answers address Islam Basics and include some of the most repeatedly asked questions in an educational setting. They were adopted from Islamic Network Group (ING) with modification. ING has been delivering educational presentations about Muslims and their faith for over two decades.

Islamic Networks Group School Curriculum Materials (excluding FAQ) 

These curricula were designed to supplement content standards in social studies and world history. Each curriculum includes the digital presentation, as well as lessons which accompany the presentation. Each lesson includes notes that describe each slide in the presentation. It also includes discussion questions, activities, links to films, as well as discussion questions about the films. It concludes with references and suggested resources. They can be used either jointly or independently.

Syed, Sadaf. iCOVER: A Day in the Life of a Muslim-American COVERed Girl, iCreate Publishing, 2012.

In this picture book, Mrs. Syed captures moments in the day-to-day lives of these Muslim women, moments that the average American can relate to once they “embrace” the fact that she covers her hair. With each page, a stereotypes is shattered and the misunderstandings that surround the female followers of a faith of 1.3 billion diminish. iCOVER has garnered significant publicity both domestically and internationally. Also Available in BHS School Library.

Huda Clinic: Our Story (Videos)

Video clips about a Health Clinic in Detroit sponsored and run by the Muslim Community in Metro Detroit. The clips include interviews with professional volunteers and patients reflecting how this clinic has made the difference by providing free healthcare to those who lack it. See feature about its opening at

Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think (book, documentary film)

Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think, is a 55 minute long documentary film that explores the opinions of Muslims around the globe as revealed in the world’s first major opinion poll, conducted by the Gallup organization. Conducting the poll after 9/11, Gallup researchers asked the questions on every American’s mind: Why is there so much anti-Americanism in the Muslim world? Who are the extremists and how do Muslims feel about them? What do Muslims like and dislike about the West? What do Muslim women really want? Crucial policy decisions hang on these questions. They continue to generate passionate disagreements in the public square. Yet for all the heat and controversy, the actual views of the world’s Muslims have been conspicuously missing from this debate, so this film shines a lot of light, letting Muslims speak for themselves.