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Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University


The section of “Knowledge Resources” under “traditions” sketches of each tradition and a comparative survey of issues among the five major world religions, including justice/injustice, wealth/poverty, sickness/health, insiders/outsiders, peace/violence which includes short essays and citations from scriptures is at (Go to “Traditions” tab) . at There are sketches of each major religious tradition, and at the link for each faith, there are essays, themes, key words, and scripture passages corresponding to themes such as health/illness, wealth/poverty, insiders/religious Others, peace/violence, justice/injustice, and more. The site also includes lots of information on religions in contemporary global life and culture.

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Interactive website

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  • Teaching about religions
  • World religions
  • Contemporary Muslim regions
  • Islam
  • Islam and Muslims
  • Islamic civilization
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  • Middle School
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