The Resources team of ING MidWest includes diverse Muslim professionals, educators and K-12 parents. We have used valuable input from various schools in addition to the expertise of a nationally recognized K-14 resources consultant from Georgetown University, Dr. Susan Douglass, to link young people, educators, and organizers with curricular and other resources that will promote safe spaces, mutual understanding, and inclusive communities. Local religious and academic scholars ensure that our resources are religiously accurate and broadly representative. Along with parents and other local schools’ members, we have come together with the goal of providing school communities with trusted and credible resources about Islam and Muslims. In addition to providing resources about Islam that complement the classes of social studies and world religions, we aim to provide K-12 resources that address issues related to diversity, inclusion, stereotypes, discrimination, identity, and Islamophobia. Our hope is to make these resources available to public and private schools to assist in addressing critical issues which impact our communities within the school population.